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Pleasure on Two Wheels

"I could go on about the reasons I like it, yet it’s really up to you to experience one for yourself.   More and more shops have found how cool and popular the BodyFloat is and will make sure to have a way for you to try one.   Even if there is no dealer near you, this is one product that I would recommend getting sight unseen.   After all the enjoyment it has given me (and my wife), I would be hard pressed to imagine anyone who tries it to be disappointed."

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I'm Completely Sold

"Does the BodyFloat work as advertised? Absolutely. It’s does an outstanding job of isolating the rider (aka, the engine/motor) from road shock and vibrations. With the BodyFloat, your entire body feels more relaxed. That relaxation translates to increased efficiency–and enjoyment–because you’re not wasting energy by tensing up to brace against bumps and cracks. After four months of use, I’m completely sold on the product, and can’t see myself going back to traditional seatposts on my un-suspended bicycles."

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I Choose BodyFloat

"The Cirrus body float post just might be the answer to a lot of peoples problems. Cyclocross is tough on your body and my back loves this post. It has changed the way I ride and race cyclocross. After tuning the body float post to my weight and riding style I am now a fan and I will no doubt use it in other applications like road racing. I used it on my road bike and I noticed that my back was not stiff and sore after a long ride. I put the regular post back on and sure enough my back was tight and stiff after a long ride. Getting old sucks let me tell you. Smoother is faster and I am faster with the body float post. it wold not surprise me to see this post at Paris Roubaix. people will complain about the weight but i guess you need to choose to be either a weight weenie or a power weenie. I choose power. I choose the body float."

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