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Road Bike Review: (

BodyFloat is a virtual "Motor-Mount"

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BodyFloat is the bike industry's first and only true 'Motor-Mount'.  

BodyFloat attaches a variable motor (the body) and attaches it to a variable chassis (the bike), then allows for infinite customization to create the ideal marriage of comfort and performance. 

Why does it work?  A controllable, minimal and correct vertical travel path on a non-damped, friction-free mechanism with infinite tuning.  Simple physics proves the theory...and complex engineering proves the reality.  

By simply modifying both spring rate and spring tension, the rider can finitely control both their body's and their bike's inertia.  That means NO BOUNCE or WASTE!  Svelte Road bikes, heavy electric bikes, fixies, beach cruisers or the myriad of mountain bike rigs...BodyFloat will enhance whatever technology it resides upon and improve any motor that it resides under.

What is the first thing you build when you build a house?  A foundation.  Build a crap foundation and you'll have a crap house.  So don't do that.  BodyFloat allows the rider to build the perfect foundation and effective connection between themselves and their bike that perfectly fits his or her specific style of riding and their personal comfort & performance desires.   Once a proper foundation is achieved, every performance and comfort metric will improve...and you can tune it on the fly!  

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Testimonial by Mark R.

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" I have been riding my BODYFLOAT for one year now and will never ride a road or gravel bike again without one.

The product connects me to the road in a manner that increases my confidence, especially on descents. Rather (than) bouncing at speed over bumps and divots, the BODYFLOAT keeps my rear wheel glued to the ground.

In group rides, I used to finish last on the descents. Now I finish first or second – and without fear.

The BODYFLOAT also gives me an endurance edge on long distance training rides and races. Less of my energy is used lifting my body off the saddle (for rail crossing tracks and small holes) and more of my energy is transferred through the crank to the wheels and into the ground.

I love your product! Thank you for bringing it to the marketplace. "

-Mark R.

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